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Skin care in Spring

When the days are getting longer again and spring is coming, not just the House calls for a spring cleaning. The skin is strained by the long winter months with the constant switching between warm, dry heating air and cold outside temperatures and requires a very special care program.

Skin care Most of them are mainly fat and moisture, the skin especially loses during the long winter months. However, neck and décolleté are of turtlenecks and scarf wearing and later constantly parched. Here help refatting and moisturizing creams or treat yourself to a homemade facial mask, for example, cottage cheese and banana. Here, the Quark donates the needed moisture and the mild acidity of banana for exfoliate the top layer of skin. After 15 minutes you can examine the astonishing result: Your skin is clear and totally looks well cared. Of course, with such a spring cleaning must not forget also the rest of the body. In addition to body scrubs to remove rough, calloused places especially rich body lotions make again for a smooth skin.

Just in time to do something about redness and blemishes.

But not only makes the skin dryness in the spring. When nature awakens, also running our metabolism back into high gear. Not infrequently, your skin reacts with redness and blemishes. A gentle cleanser specially balancing and anti-inflammatory maintenance is then what you need. Depending on your skin type help products with aloe vera, tea tree oil or healing earth. In addition, a honey mask helps with skin irritations because their anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe the skin and relieve redness. And because true beauty comes from the inside, you should in the spring to drink enormous. Only if there is sufficient liquid available, toxins can be flushed out and their skin looks fresh and healthy again. Thus prepared, you can then relax and wait for the first spring sun, but please not forget the sunscreen.