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It is stormy outside – protection for ears

Sore ears from wind and cold must not be. With the right tools is ear pain in children, adolescents and adults can be easily prevented. Those who do not pay attention to yourself, you risk serious consequences. So protection for ears is necessary.

Protect ears in winterEars are sensitive organs that may be sensitive to strong wind. Sore ears after a walk in stormy weather certainly knows everyone. However, they are rarely problematic and let the return into the house quickly again. Only for very sensitive people or small children, the uncomfortable feeling last longer. Precautionary measures are:

  • Hat
  • Headband that covers ears
  • Ear plugs (not for small children)
  • Earmuffs
  • Hair is not cut too short

The disadvantage of some measures is that they can affect the hearing. Therefore, the Woolly Hat is a sensible decision to stay healthy in the fresh air. The most natural way is to tie long hair in a ponytail and so as to cover the ears.

Can cold air be dangerous?

At low temperatures and cold wind ears can be damaged. Above all, the ear cups are suffering in the cold and in the worst case can cause frostbite. Even so it is important to protect the ears sufficient. Cyclists should be aware that the wind ears cools much faster than is the case with a slow walk. But are also at risk skiers who underestimate the cold wind in the mountains. Parents should watch their children especially as the kids do not notice in time in the heat of the cooling of the ears. Babies show earache not at all. Signs of sore ears can be:

  • Wines
  • Access to the ears
  • Pallor
  • Restlessness or flashy rest

But sore ears must not be the result of wind. It may also be the side effect of infection. Parents should watch their children closely with earaches. In infants and young children’s health can also deteriorate within a short time, so that a visit to the doctor is necessary.

Remedy for earache.

Persistent ear pain should be investigated by a doctor. For mild symptoms or known in the form of minor aches and pains caused by wind or cold-counter ear drops can be applied from the pharmacy. Home remedies, packs of onions, garlic and potatoes can have a soothing effect in acute cases.

The onion pack is certainly the most popular home remedies. These onions are heated and wrapped in a warm state in a linen cloth that is then placed on the aching ear. The garlic is crushed, however, and collect the oil of a cotton ball. The swab is then placed forward in the ear canal. A paste of boiled potatoes in a linen bag can soothe the ear. The mass should be warm. If inflammation are present, the heat does it feel uncomfortable here, a short cold application may be useful.

In case of persistent or unexplained ear pain, however, should be consulted apart from a self-treatment and an otolaryngologist, or physician.