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Poisoning in the home – what to do?

Especially in young children are often accidents with toxic substances. Although budget well hidden, exiled poisonous plants from the home and bottled potable liquids are actually kept that childlike curiosity is often hard to stop. Does your child swallowed detergents, drugs or poisonous plant parts , how fast and prudent action is needed? Measures depending on the nature of the poison can be useful in a case and to be dangerous in other.

PoisoningThe typical symptoms of many poisoning are severe abdominal pain, spontaneous vomiting, dizziness and poor circulation. If you suspect a poisoning, alert the relevant poison centers on how to proceed. Threatening circulatory shock immediately the emergency you need to alert or go to a clinic. Vomit and existing packaging of the swallowed substance to help in the selection of the antidote. Make a note of the time, dont leave the party concerned alone and bring him in the recovery position, he should be unconscious.

What can you do yourself in an emergency?

In general, in unconscious patients except lifesaving first aid nothing must be done. Home remedies are useful only as a function of the particular substance. If it is clearly a poisoning with drugs or plants, you can infuse fluid to dilute the poison. In no case, however, milk or salt water! The protein in milk speeds sometimes the intake of poison, while salt water can further weaken the cycle. Instead, you can give tea or still water. However detergent or other foreign substances are swallowed, dissolve the generation of foam from liquid, which can get into the lungs. Provocation of vomiting is to be avoided in corrosive liquids, such as corrosive materials, to avoid any risk of burns esophagus. So if it is not known what the substance is, it is best to refrain from self-measures entirely and leave the next steps the emergency physician.