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Important information about a well-stocked medicine cabinet

Whether sudden headache, a painful insect bite or scraped knees, almost every household is get a house pharmacy that offers fast help in emergencies. But in order to really help not only appropriate medications must be present, but they should be stored properly and checked regularly.

Medicine cabinetFirst and foremost, the selection of materials for the medicine cabinet will of course depend on the age and number of family members. So some of drugs are usually more necessary for children than for adults. In addition, the medicine cabinet should be lockable to small children in a household with children. The corresponding key takes its place at the top on the chest, so that it is readily available in case of emergency. Very important is also the resting place for the medicine chest. Bathroom or kitchen are not very suitable, because medications should be kept as dry as possible, cool and protected from light. But good are perfectly filled house pharmacies include application instructions for all medication. And it gives you possibility to check shelf life of your medicaments. To find the right remedy quickly in an emergency, the drugs should therefore always be kept in their original packaging with instructions and are regularly checked and replaced for durability.

What should include a well-stocked medicine cabinet?

In addition to agents that have to be taken for health reasons permanently, including:

  • Pain and fever reducer according to the age of the family members
  • Cold remedies such as cough syrup, throat pain pills and decongestants nasal drops
  • Agents against insect bites
  • Ointments for bruises and sports injuries
  • Remedy for nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Dressings such as patches, elastic bandages and sterile dressings
  • Tools such as fever thermometer, tick remover, splinter forceps and scissors in a well-stocked medicine cabinet.

In addition, a list of important emergency phone numbers will be useful. Cooling packs should, however, be kept ready for immediate use better to save in the freezer.