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It is possible – to be old and to stay healthy and happy!

Most people are afraid of the thought of getting older, because they associate it with discomfort, forgetfulness and loneliness. Nevertheless, no one can turn back from us the process. It is therefore important today to change own thinking about aging and to follow a few rules. With today’s post we would like to provide important impulses for your personal way of getting older.Healthy

Your own choices affect your real age.

When thinking about aging, it is important to remember that our age is in years, only a mere number. It sounds clich√©, but it’s true, especially if you live according to basic health principles, so that your body can stay on top of his functions. It is very possible that a 60-year-old can be as fit as a 30-year-old. This greatly depends on the lifestyle. So you have to distinguish between an age as a numerical measure and biological age, which depends on personal choices and habits. Important to know is that the genetics is only a small part of the equation. Our lifestyle has far more impact on our health at any age and can include not only the obvious things such as healthy diet and effective exercise, but also that we of our emotional needs by deciding to be happy, positive affect, and always on looking for new and exciting experiences are.

Power of a healthy diet.

Your optimal diet should be due to a special diet , which you should put up with a dietitian. The plan is always adapted to your unique nutritional type, taking into account all the characteristics and needs of your metabolism. Thanks to the diet plan, take only the food that promote your health in the highest degree that supply your body optimal dose needed to nutrients and can be easily changed. Generally, you should consult your diet on whole unprocessed foods (vegetables, meat, raw milk, nuts, etc.) , concentrate consisting of healthy, sustainable, local sources such as a small organic farm come, not far from your home. To get the most health benefits through your diet, you should eat a good share of your food raw. Almost as important to you, not only to know what foods you should eat, but what you should absolutely avoid absolutely: fructose, glucose, acts as a poison in itself, and as such it is a drive for several disease processes in the body, not least the insulin resistance, a major cause of accelerated aging. Carbohydrates: carbohydrate research has shown that they negatively affect specific genes that can influence our longevity. Other causes harm beyond high glucose consumption with simultaneous strong fructose intake.

Stress reduction and positive thinking.

Our health is nowadays constantly affected by stress and negative thinking. Coping with emotional components of health is a very important factor because our emotional state plays a major role in almost every bodily disease -. For example, in heart disease and depression, arthritis and cancer. It is no coincidence that many centenarians positive thinking and emotional well-being lead when they give advice on how to stay healthy. Effective mechanisms to deal with emotional stress are an important factor in longevity, because stress has a direct effect on inflammation, which in turn are the main cause of many chronic diseases that many people die prematurely. Meditation, prayer, social support and physical activity are viable options that will help you to gain an emotional and mental balance and maintain.

Staying active.

Even if we make the healthiest diet in the world and live a stress-free, we also have to physically train to achieve maximum health.

Role of telomeres in aging process.

Telomeres are the endings of chromosomes. If a shortening of the telomeres occurs as you age, this will be partly influenced by your lifestyle and exposure to toxins of all kinds. Research findings suggest that slowing the reduction actually prolong our life and may even lead to a reversal of the aging process.

Results of Anti-Aging Conference 2010:

  • Take high-quality animal omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats are a strong factor that helps people to live longer. Many experts believe that this is probably the reason why the Japanese have the highest life expectancy on the planet.
  • Try to avoid as many chemicals, toxins and pollutants as possible – This includes: Throw your toxic household cleaners, soaps, body care, air fresheners, bug sprays, lawn pesticides and insecticides, to name just a few away and replace them with non-toxic alternatives.
  • Avoid drugs – Pharmaceutical Drugs kill thousands of people prematurely every year. And if you stay at a healthy lifestyle, you will probably never need medication.


There is no quick fix when it comes to healthy aging – no pill and no magic fountain. Therefore applies to all: we should strive to make positive wellness choices for all life. This enables us to bring in a position that our body is only minimally affected by the “test of time”. Looking for a doctor you trust , the well-versed in such specific questions.Many doctors have their patients simply do not really help in the situation, to maintain health through a healthy lifestyle, because they are still influenced by the pharmaceutical industry.