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Let the New Year – with less stress

Who does not now and then complains of stress, is now one of nearly a minority, because as good as everyone feels more or less frequently overwhelmed – from schoolchildren to the elderly. What are the reasons for this and how can you reduce stress permanently?

Less stressFirst, a few facts: The word “stress” has existed since the 1930s, whereas the physical phenomenon arose behind the term with the beginning of human existence. Biological evolution is a reaction of the body to danger or a particular challenge. Pulse and respiratory rate to rise,muscle tone increases, stress hormones are released and the senses are sharpened, energy is released. In short, all power is centered, so we run away either, or to face the danger, that is able to fight. Particular challenges go this alarm the body forward today; the big difference is that we do not have to run away even fight a campaign. The valve to relieve the excess energy, ie missing.

Positive versus negative stress.

A life without any stress is not desirable, because a certain amount of so-called eustress, ie positive stress, even promotes well-being. He contributes to a Focusing our attentionwith increased motivation and can increase productivity. Successful applications and challenges increase self-confidence and represent an incentive to meet the future demands as effectively. Only the distress, the negative stress so harms the body and soul. Are we permanently overwhelmed, diverse medical disorders can occur, not to mention the psyche affected by the disaster. If we ignore these signals and on, there may be a feared collapse, the Burnout Syndrome, which affects more and more people.

Reduce stress.

So that it does not lead to chronic stress, we should regular hours of relaxation in our everyday Installation – not just before the disaster.

We recommend sports: Here, the above excess energies are released and can not be manifested as harmful. In addition, Happy hormones secreted, which promote the feel relaxed.

Another way to come to rest, represent meditation and breathing exercises. While it focuses on nothing but your own breathing, stress level decreases measurably. In a similar manner conducive to the mental and physical well-being is progressive muscle relaxation: Who aware of the tension of individual parts of the body causes, then can also relax at will.

Effective and proven itself has Autogenic training, health or community colleges, as well as physical therapy clinics offer here spread prevention courses for learning an. Important is also the regular conversation with your partner, your friends or family. Who communicates himself to others, operates proverbial soul hygiene, and gets rid of ballast ideally valuable solutions. Employed Stressed should position the saying of Mahatma Gandhi in sight: “There are more important things in life than constantly increasing its speed.”