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With sports and a healthy diet for bikini figure

Summer is approaching with great strides and the related frequent moves and the holidays fast approaching. At a critical look in the mirror woman writing notes with this figure, and it seems be impossible to show in a bikini. How can the accumulated over the winter pounds effective and long term again be loosed?

Bikini figureOodles of crash diets and slimming recipes fill in the spring women’s magazines and promise rapid weight loss, the perfect bikini figure. Usually, these are only to initial water loss. For a real weight loss, when the unpopular fat deposits are reduced, you need not only rich diet. On the contrary, often occurs following the diet to a so-called yo-yo effect. Your body takes in this case, not only the lost water, but also sets a reserve for bad times.

How can we achieve the goal?

To really permanently reduce weight should not be started with a diet. It is better to change the diet and boost your metabolism for increase fat-burning. For this purpose, you should:

  • Banish or ready meals and high-energy snacks such as chocolate bars get out from the diet.
  • Drink plenty of liquids, preferably mineral water and unsweetened herbal or fruit teas. They help to detoxify the body and flush out toxins.
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables – in addition remember that eat as salty binds water in the body, whereas pepper and Co. increase the caloric needs.
  • Evening at best do without carbohydrates, instead resort to vegetables and salad with cheese or lean chicken breast.

Furthermore, regular exercise is essential. With cycling, swimming, running or other endurance sport can specifically activate fat burning. Body Building and Fitness receive targeted muscles, or promote their construction, in addition tighten the skin and bring the figure so in bikini shape.