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Removal of the ovaries as a preventive measure

The American actress Angelina Jolie made public that they could be removed ovaries and fallopian tubes surgically because with it greatly increased risk of cancer has been found. Already in 2013 she decided for the same reason, to let remove her breasts.Ovaries

Is it to make sense remove the ovaries, if an increased risk to develop ovarian cancer?

10-15% of ovarian cancers are hereditary. Often, a mutation of the genetic substance (BRCA1 or BRCA2) is responsible. This is not the only genetic defect may cause, but the most common.

The mutation involves a 60-80% risk of breast cancer and a 20-40% risk of ovarian cancer.

Whether such a mutation is present and could be determined by a molecular genetic analysis. But only high-risk patients should be carried out such an investigation. Among the criteria heard about that two women are suffering from the immediate family of an ovarian cancer, or a close relative has developed breast cancer and a second ovarian cancer.

Women still have to think carefully about whether they want to learn about their individual risk. A healthy woman with no genetic modification is indeed completely relieved by the investigation; However, it turns out that she is the bearer of the genetic mutation that difficult decision for or against surgery remains a matter of conscience.

The patients at risk rates gynecologist after age 40 and to be carried out laparoscopic removal of the ovaries after the family planning in the best case. The risk of ovarian cancer is reduced by around 98%. Totally, a disease still not be ruled out because a peritoneal carcinoma may have the same origin. After surgery, menopause employ with all their side effects. Even osteoporosis begins through surgery earlier.

The lifetime risk for all patients (with and without the aforementioned dispositions) of developing ovarian cancer, is 1.68%.