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Which iron deficiency symptoms?

Iron deficiency is a common problem in western industrialized nations. Although iron is still considered as a trace element, our body requires a relatively large amount of the metal in order to function smoothly. Iron plays a key role in oxygen transport, so a deficiency can have serious consequences.

Iron deficiencyThe primary role of iron in the human body is in the transport of oxygen. The isolated from food biologically active iron reacts with oxygen and binds to the blood pigment hemoglobin. Since the human body can not produce iron, it is taken only through diet. Not everything absorbed iron is used immediately, so that iron deficiency is not immediately show itself. An inadequately covered iron requirement is one of the most common nutritional deficiency. Women being more affected by iron deficiency symptoms due to monthly blood loss, than men. The Symptoms of iron deficiency include tiredness, paleness, restlessness, headache and a rough and dry skin. With a strong undersupply may cause the so-called iron deficiency anemia, a form of anemia that manifests itself in reduced red blood cells.

Iron deficiency prevented by healthy eating.

As long as malabsorption is does not present, allows the protein requirements of the daily diet intake , the iron compounds are found in animal products for the body easier to solve than those in plant foods. Various substances can inhibit the absorption of iron sustainably, by entering into insoluble compounds with the trace element. Among them substances include the tannin contained in coffee and tea, calcium in milk and cheese, the oxalic acid in rhubarb rich occurring or phytates in grains. Vitamin C, however, is to prevent those links and be able to stop the iron deficiency symptoms. A dietary supplement composition may this already be accompanied by a glass of juice to eat instead of milk or coffee sometimes useful. If iron deficiency symptoms visible or in case of pregnancy, it is advisable, often artificially replenish the iron stores with products such Floradix.