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Whether magnesium helps against convulsions?

During a strenuous cardio training, the muscles in the calf become strained with a painful spasm.convulsions

A glance at the shelves of pharmacies, or in the range of diverse dietary supplement manufacturer seems to confirm this assessment. They all offer various forms of magnesium supplements and promise always more endurance and muscle free from spasm.

Scientific studies have long shown that this assumption is doesn’t work on practice. Only when a concentration of magnesium 400- 600 milligrams such effect would be observed.

However, such a dose exceeds the recommended daily allowance established by the American Society for Nutrition which is 300-350 milligrams. A highly excessive magnesium intake often leads to diarrhea and can cause a heightened sense of fatigue.

Where does the myth?

Researchers report that a tennis player who got convulsions regularly, felt recovery after the supplementation of 500mg magnesium. The exact causes of convulsions still not 100% clear. Presumably, it involves a faulty communication between nerve and muscle.

The fruit juice for the prevention.

With frequent convulsions therefore be more expensive magnesium supplements should rather resort to a fruit juice with salt containing. The salt containing the nutrient sodium can compensate for an electrolyte deficiency in the affected muscles, and It is uncomplicated remedy. A short-term possibility to reduce the pain is to stretch the aching muscles.