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TBE – What ticks have to do with

Ticks are not only disgusting, but can also be responsible for a number of diseases. In addition to the disease includes the dreaded tick-borne encephalitis, encephalitis shortly. But cause of this disease is not the tick itself, but a virus.

TicksAs unpleasant nuisance lurks the tick in tall grass and the bushes on potential victims, because they feed on their blood. In humans, it prefers areas such as the armpits or the genital area, since the skin is thinner and has a secure grip. If the tick is a suitable location is found, it starts right after the bite with the blood eyes. In order to inhibit blood coagulation and at the same time to ease pain at the bite site, but from a number of secretions. And it is in these secretions are the causative agents of encephalitis, that is already with the bite can be done infection. However, relatively few people actually fall ill on TBE as even wear in known risk areas, for example, in southern America, only two percent of all ticks carry the virus and suffering only one in three bitten by an infected tick in TBE. Nevertheless, the risk of infection should not be underestimated, since so far is still no causal therapy for the treatment of TBE available.

Small bite with serious consequences.

Although ticks are carriers of the TBE virus, they become ill themselves not believe it. You’re just the host for the pathogens that affect the central nervous system in humans. As a result, there is a meningitis with symptoms such as high fever, stiff neck and severe headache. In older people also increases the risk of developing a severe form of encephalitis cancer, in which not only the meninges, but the entire brain is affected by the inflammation and also by the spinal cord may be damaged. Other possible symptoms include difficulty swallowing, speech and impaired consciousness, mental changes and paralysis. During the course of mild encephalitis, which can resemble the flu, usually heals without consequence, suffer, according to a recent study by the Department of Neurology 50 percent of those affected by a severe form permanently late effects similar to those of acute symptoms.

Only vaccination protects reliably.

To protect themselves from infection, there are several options available. This includes on the one hand, to protect themselves by wearing protective clothing and repellents against ticks. On the other hand, it is possible to get vaccinated against TBE. Here, the vaccination is after three vaccination 96-99%. It is recommended that vaccination for all who live in TBE risk areas and regularly reside in the great outdoors as well as for tourists who want to spend their holidays in the respective areas.