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With proper care for healthy teeth

Sugar damages your teeth? This is certainly true, but also the care has a significant share of the dental health. Which products to dental care and help preserve healthy teeth for a lifetime? Who can answer this question, save a lot of costs retains a beautiful smile.

Flossing TeethIn order to maintain their teeth properly, medium-hard toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss are needed. For implants, more cleaning agents can be added. They are also important because regular brushing will not only keep your teeth healthy, but even lowers the risk of heart attack. These are the results of a US study, which was established in 2003 initially completed. The background is that a well-maintained oral cavity rare inflammation has a possible cause of the infarct.

So that the teeth are properly cared for, the following procedure is recommended:

  • After every meal and before bedtime brushing
  • At least three minutes brushing
  • Between the teeth with dental floss to clean
  • Tongue brush and mouthwash use
  • Take prophylaxis appointments with the dentist in claim

In all toiletries, there are significant differences in quality. Therefore, the purchase is recommended in a pharmacy.

Recognize and treat vulnerabilities.

Very few people have only just teeth and accessible interdental spaces. However, those who know their weaknesses, they can maintain a particularly thorough and prevent dental disease. When teeth are very close to each other, the dentist can extend the distance artificially by removing some of the enamel. Alternatively, it is possible to have shown the prophylaxis of dental assistants, by what method the dental floss can be inserted. For such purposes there are different types of dental floss, dental floss that is reinforced at the end. For patients with periodontal disease specialist retailers also offers special flosses. And so the floss is used correctly:

  • 30 cm long piece detach
  • Each end by a middle finger wrap
  • Palms inward
  • Hands with 15 cm spacing hold
  • Forefinger keep floss in position
  • Back and forth floss between the teeth

What protects the teeth?

Stevia is a natural sweetener that is approved only for a short time in America as food. It is made from the stevia plant whose leaves much sweeter taste than sugar. The advantage of Stevia is that it is not metabolized and therefore does not make you fat. But it takes a positive impact on the oral flora and can help prevent tooth decay. A regular mouthwash recommended anyway. But it is just an additional measure that puts bacteria to the body. Their advantage consists in the fact that it acts at sites that are not thoroughly clean due to their difficult accessibility. Mouthwashes there are also priced at the pharmacy.