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Wellness for body and soul in your own home

Wellness costs time and money? This is also different, with the wellness program for their own housing. The personal wellness program is downright cheap and only requires some preparation.

Wellness for body and soulWellness for body and soul starts with the decision: Now I do something for me! Here many senses as possible should be addressed. The eyes may easily subdued lighting, the skin like heat and nose estimates pleasant smells. Also, the sense of taste should not be forgotten. And finally, the ears proportion of the perfect break. One option is a warm bath with the following extras.

  • Much foam
  • Volatile oil
  • Quiet relaxation music
  • Soft lighting and candles
  • A glass of champagne
  • Chocolate

Anyone looking to enhance the effect, should extend easily with a snuggly blanket subsequently. Most people are then so relaxed that they fall asleep. More than 20 minutes of sleep should not take but during the day. Otherwise there is a risk of a prolonged fatigue. Who has no bath, can be repaired with a warm shower and rub the body with a small towel with a lot of foam.

Wellness for the facial skin.

The skin is the largest organ and is therefore particularly susceptible to spa treatments. Such an application can be a face mask. For every skin type and according to personal preference, the cosmetic and pharmacy range offers more than enough choice. People with allergies or medical patients with skin problems have to do without this measure wellness. In this case, however, the expert recommendation from a pharmacist or dermatologist before applying should be obtained before application. A mask should generally act about 15 minutes, then washed off with lukewarm water. An important tip is to turn off the phone and so prevent possible interference.