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Why babies cry and how they can be calm

Crying is a long time the only way for babies to become apparent. This simple causes such as hunger, a full diaper or the desire to be close to someone from the family. But sometimes babies cry for hours without apparent cause and coerce parents to come to the edge of their forces.

Babies cryBasically, it is perfectly normal that babies cry. When a baby cries in week at least three hours in a day, and that over a period of more than three weeks, doctors call it Cry Baby. But mere knowledge that one’s baby is a Cry Baby, helping the affected parents no further. To make possible causes for the increased screaming be found is much more important. Because in addition to the everyday triggering hunger, boredom, or a full diaper, other causes behind the constant crying can hide.

Possible causes of screaming fits.

In addition to various organic diseases such as respiratory infections, ear infections or urinary tract infections long known as infant colic were considered as a cause of persistent screaming fits. Meanwhile, we know, however, that this probably only occur as a result of crying because babies swallow air while yelling a lot, which can lead to abdominal pain. However, the cause of excessive shouting can be triggered by food intolerances such as lactose intolerance or milk allergy in babies lie in the immature digestive system. In many cases, a pregnancy or childbirth-related displacement of the cervical vertebrae is found in school children but which reflected among other things, by crying. Physicians speak here of KISS syndrome. In addition, babies react on psychological and social factors such as sensory overload, adjustment problems after birth of family tensions with increased crying, so rarely a clear cause can be found for the crying.

Tips on how to soothe your baby.

In addition to treatment of possible organic caused by a pediatrician, you can also become active, to calm your baby. Thus, for example, helps with bloating and abdominal massage clockwise or the famous aviator handle in which the child is held face down on the arm. Also helps with babies cry:

  • Quietly talk to the baby or something quietly vorsingen
  • Gentle rocking or weighing has a calming effect on many babies
  • Making physical contact in order to give the baby the feeling of safety and security
  • Babies spit, this special winding technology ensures security
  • Fixed rituals both at meals and at bedtime create security
  • Stay calm yourself, because your nervousness is transferred quickly to your baby

Also, you should never forget that your baby does not cry to annoy you, but because it is his only way to draw attention to his discomfort.