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Caring for senior cats

Posted by on Jan 19, 2017 in Family Planning | 0 comments

Cats can choose between 15 and 20 years old and are with the budget established by the feed industry 8 years usually it is no seniors cats. When and how a cat ages, is highly individual, but for the attentive man quite easy to recognize. That a cat comes in the year, shows, for example, the fact that they no longer jumps up, visits with preference warm place, long and more sleep or not so cuddly as earlier. Like humans, cats also osteoarthritis or arthritis suffer if with age wear the joints or are inflamed. Does the animal especially after long periods of stiff rest moves carefully, you can take him to the vet, and use prescribed for animal drugs, to relieve the strongest pain. But be careful: Please do not self-tests! Inter alia aspirin is lethal to cats....

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Muscle cramps – What to do?

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in Nutrition | 0 comments

Sometimes already enough a small movement and it comes to a painful muscle spasm. The affected muscle is rock hard for seconds or minutes and can hardly move. It can occur at any time, not only muscle cramps after exercise or in the middle of the night. Normally, patients experience muscle cramps in the calf, and also thighs, soles of the feet. However, muscle cramps do not constitute a disease, but rather are symptom or warning of the body that something is wrong. Basically, there are of course a variety of triggers and reasons for a muscle spasm. Very frequently cause muscle spasm, because in the affected muscle short, there is a lack of minerals. Usually it involves a Magnesium deficiency due to overexertion or too little fluid intake. However, profuse sweating, caused by tight circulatory disorder. Using of...

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Relaxation techniques – rapid response to stress

Posted by on Jan 15, 2017 in Mental health | 0 comments

That stress makes sick, everybody knows that. That is the theory. In practice, however, many people encounter almost daily to their limits. Whoever recommends regular breaks, help yourself to stay healthy in body and soul. In this days of our century, many professionals have to deal with stressful situations. The more important it is to insert break for relaxation between work. There are several possibilities. Autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation have long been no more esoteric foreign words. Less well known is that this meditation can be easily integrated with practice in small increments part in everyday life. The same is true for many other proven relaxation techniques whose salutary effect can be done quickly and with accurately advantage. Get to know ten ways for you can effectively meet daily stress with relaxation techniques. 10 Tips for relaxation....

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Glaucoma – threatened blindness

Posted by on Jan 13, 2017 in Health | 0 comments

Glaucoma is still a dreaded cause of blindness in US. Diagnosed by physicians as glaucoma can be completely painless recognized and treated by an examination by an ophthalmologist. But even accidental damage to the optic nerve is extremely dangerous. Generally, Glaucoma is a group of various eye diseases referred associated with the intraocular pressure and the destruction of the optic nerve. The most common form of glaucoma, is the open-angle glaucoma, making themselves for a long time no noticeable, when symptoms don’t show up. Only when the optic nerve is already severely damaged, it comes to visual field or a reduced contrast sensitivity. Trigger for the destruction of the optic nerve is usually a over the years increased intraocular pressure. This pressure is built up by the aqueous humor in the eye, which was formed in the posterior chamber...

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Poor circulation: assessment or warning?

Posted by on Jan 11, 2017 in Health | 0 comments

Circulatory problems can have various causes. Often they are the result of low blood pressure, infection or a new drug. However, they can also occur as a secondary symptom of various diseases and should be monitored accordingly. If not enough blood through the veins reaches the heart, as it can be about after long standing or sudden getting up the, system helps the body by a short-term hypoperfusion of the brain. Dizziness, sweating, tinnitus can be the result. This blood pressure is normally compensated quickly and you feel after a short pause or sitting down again better. In individuals with a permanently low blood pressure of these symptoms occur faster and more often. Often this young, slim women are mostly affected by. Often they freeze easily, have a high need for sleep and are quickly exhausted. Especially among young...

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