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Let the New Year – with less stress

Posted by on Jul 16, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

Who does not now and then complains of stress, is now one of nearly a minority, because as good as everyone feels more or less frequently overwhelmed – from schoolchildren to the elderly. What are the reasons for this and how can you reduce stress permanently? First, a few facts: The word “stress” has existed since the 1930s, whereas the physical phenomenon arose behind the term with the beginning of human existence. Biological evolution is a reaction of the body to danger or a particular challenge. Pulse and respiratory rate to rise,muscle tone increases, stress hormones are released and the senses are sharpened, energy is released. In short, all power is centered, so we run away either, or to face the danger, that is able to fight. Particular challenges go this alarm the body forward today; the big difference...

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Sun tips for the stressed body after the sun

Posted by on Jul 13, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

So relaxing is the warm sunshine on the psyche, so harmful they are, unfortunately for the skin because unprotected skin can be permanently damaged by sunlight. In addition to preventive sunscreen after sun care therefore is required to support the body during regeneration. Even without damaging the skin after sunburn many sunbathing often appears dry, rough and scaly. Cause is, inter alia, the so-called hyperkeratosis, which is formed as a natural shield the skin by exposure to intense sunlight. Although this thickening of the top layer of skin is an important protective function, it leaves the skin often look dull and rough. But the sun, the skin is not only thicker and pleasant browned, but also severely dehydrated sweat, sea water and wind. It is therefore important to maintain skin and body not only before sun exposure, but also...

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Shoulder pain – annoying but curable with the right therapy

Posted by on Jul 10, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

If any movement of the arms causes severe pain, the cause may lie in the shoulder joint. Whether, shoulder pain can thereby have very many causes, but which can be treated most successfully thanks to modern methods of therapy and experienced doctors due to injury, strain or wear. The greatest mobility, joint in the human body, the shoulder joint is not like many other joints stabilized by bone, but only by ligaments, tendons and muscles. An important role is played by the so-called rotator cuff, a muscle sheath, tendons connect the upper arm to the shoulder blade. The interplay of these muscles and tendons allows you to raise your arm and rotate so that almost any position can be achieved. However, this design principle makes the shoulder also very prone to problems when individual components of the complex shoulder...

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Nosebleeds – mostly harmless symptom of a strained nose

Posted by on Jul 7, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

Many people know the feeling when the handkerchief suddenly turns red after a sneezing or blowing your nose. But nosebleeds often looks worse than it is, and can be stopped quickly with the right measures. Epistaxis, referred to in the art as epistaxis is usually triggered by vascular injury to the nose. It is available in almost 80 percent of all cases of injury in the anterior nasal septum cause of epistaxis, because that this area is heavily loaded in everyday life and also has a sensitive near-surface venous plexus, which is sometimes already damaged by a powerful blow your nose. However, the bleeding stops in these cases often short-term and the lost blood volume is very low. Otherwise it look for light red splashes, arterial epistaxis, which is caused by an arterial injury in the posterior nasal area...

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Care for blemished skin during puberty

Posted by on Jul 3, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

Some teenagers it not true, but all the other violent. Not only the body changes and the vagaries, but also skin during puberty plays in adolescence often crazy and blackheads, pimples or acne can have a lasting effect on the skin. From the physical changes during puberty, the skin is affected most teenagers. Due to the hormonal changes is often an impure problem skin smooth, delicate skin of children. Cause of these lesions are hormonally more working sebaceous glands, so that the skin appears slightly glossy particularly on the face and the hair is greasy faster. At the same time increase with the onset of puberty and the horn cells that form the top layer of skin. If these are not shed quickly enough, they can stick with the excess sebum and clog pores. The results are blackheads, which are...

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