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Day of Pharmacy: Trends in the pharmacy market, power spectrum of a modern pharmacy

Posted by on Sep 23, 2015 in First Aid | 0 comments

The day of Pharmacy held once a year. Under the headings dealing with the issues that matter most to customers. This year the pharmacy is scheduled for June 5, 2015 and will provide information on the topic of “drug-drug interactions and food products”. How helpful are the additional benefits of a pharmacy, is particularly evident at the upcoming day of Pharmacy: Interactions with other medicines are often at high risk for the consumer. A fact that is also aggravated by the fact that many patients do not read the information leaflet thoroughly enough or do not understand. How extensive a pharmacy actually works, many customers will only become clear when you need more than just pain killers or medication prescribed by the doctor. Pharmacists are therefore still important contacts dosage, side effects, and alternative remedies. Advise, clarify and thus make...

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World Blood Donor Day

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 in First Aid | 0 comments

Karl Landsteiner (1868-1943) won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of blood groups in 1901. On his birthday, 14 June, the World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year since 2004. He was call by four international organizations – including the World Health Organization – and should serve to attract new donors worldwide. Serious diseases, complicated operations, serious accidents: Again and again bodied people are just now suddenly dependent on foreign blood. Since the “lifeblood” still can not be produced artificially, the required amount of charitable healthy people must be met. Unfortunately, the need for blood is growing much faster than the number of citizens willing to donate. The one responsible for this is the aging population, on the other hand, the development of new medical therapies, in which blood is used. Currently, only one in 50 Americans donates...

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Store medicines in summer right

Posted by on Jul 12, 2015 in First Aid | 0 comments

Medicines often contain substances that are sensitive to high temperatures. Thus, the effect can significantly change, at worst, the ingredients are ineffective. The proper storage is therefore very important. Basically, do not include drugs in rooms where the humidity and the room temperature to rise regularly above the norm. We are talking about the kitchen and the bathroom. Optimal storage is at a constant room temperature, dry, dark and locked, of course. In your own home, this can easily be done, but not on the road, and certainly not on vacation. In this case, some medications are particularly sensitive to heat. Patients who are dependent on chronic medication, must therefore be particularly well prepared. One example is insulin: It must be stored in the refrigerator. Dawned also tolerates no insulin temperatures above 37°C, without changing the effect. For such...

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First aid for wasp stings

Posted by on Jul 3, 2015 in First Aid | 0 comments

A wasp sting is painful and allergen may life-threatening. Quick help is important in all cases and should be made possible by appropriate means, so that the swelling goes down soon wears off and the pain. Rubor, dolor, calor, tumor: With the words, redness, pain, swelling and discoloration of the physician describes inflammation. A view of the wasp sting shows that this description also fits here. Wasp venom contains a number of substances which are responsible for the pain and the inflammatory processes. Here, the sting of the wasp is nothing more than a defense response in a human. Feel the wasp threatened, it pumps about their sting venom in warm-blooded animals, starting from the point of view of their danger. The following pain associated with their distinctive color inspires humans and animals respect and teach them to keep...

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First aid for mushroom poisoning

Posted by on Jun 2, 2015 in First Aid | 0 comments

Self-Collected mushrooms taste particularly good. Who goes on a search, but you should have a good understanding, as some fungi are incompatible or even toxic. Even experienced mushroom pickers can be wrong. Then quick reference gefragt. Erste help with mushroom poisoning. Prevention is better than cure and this applies even while collecting mushrooms. There are mushrooms, which are easier to recognize and therefore suitable for beginners. These include puffballs and boletes. In addition, it is useful not only be read, but to gain an introduction by a fungus expert in the art of mushroom collecting. Finally, there are around 10,000 species of fungi. In many communities, training courses are offered. For knowledge also entails identifying the first signs of mushroom poisoning. The signs may include a few minutes after eating or even occur after several days, which will depend...

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What to consider when recipes

Posted by on May 24, 2015 in First Aid | 0 comments

Sometimes red, sometimes blue or maybe yellow or green, the talk is of recipes where the physician prescribes medication. But with recipe a prescription drug and is not always obtained at the pharmacy and the prescribed medication. For patient security, a prescription may be redeemed only in pharmacies and not more than three different medications contain indicated in the lower part of the recipe. However, not every drug must be on the recipe and also the insurance company has an influence on the shape or the color of the recipe. The color of the recipe depends on the drug and insurance status. Recipes can be both red and blue, yellow or green. Where: Red Recipes get all the patients who are insured in a statutory health insurance. They are used by the doctor for prescription drugs, for which the...

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