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Correct inhalation clears the airways

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

What already knew Grandma, is now as then. Because if the nose drips and head is humming, acting hot water it gently and well. One reason to learn more about it. Inhaling hot steam for coughs and colds has been preserved as a traditional remedy since time immemorial. Inhaling hot s steam clears the airways such as the nose and bronchi and relieve the unpleasant side effects in colds. It calls for the flow of nasal mucus, as well as the possibly fixed in the bronchial mucus. The aim is to facilitate expectoration of tenacious mucus and speed up the recovery process. Side effects when inhaled, are not expected to exclusively? Licher use of hot water em in general. Of course, it should be ensured that the water in a stable vascular is provided to avoid permanent burns. Achieve...

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Why is there no hibernation in humans?

Posted by on Feb 7, 2016 in Mental health | 0 comments

Hibernation in humans – yes, why not? The persistent fatigue in the dark season let almost suspect that just would not be the worst idea. Or is it? Researchers have brought light into the darkness. There are winter rest, the winter torpor and hibernation. The Hibernation is a phase that is strongly shut down in energy demand and thus the consumption. They exist in animals and plants. The hibernation, however, applies only to cold-blooded animals whose samtliche life processes are temporarily reduced significantly. Hibernation is only a minor sleep. The body temperature is reduced and the throttled energy requirements. Not uncommon is an interrupted hibernation, be included in the water and feed supplies. The length of hibernation is dependent on many factors. And in humans? To fall into hibernation, certain biochemical processes have experience dictate. These heard that surrounded...

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Dry eyes: In winter heating air is often the trigger

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

Nearly 50 percent of all visits take place in the winter due to dry eyes. One of the shutter release button of this disease is the permanent residence in heated clear: Especially extremely dry ambient air impairs eye health – dry, irritated eyes will quickly do a torment But let some things about it. The natural tears just smooth the surface of the eye, cleans and disinfects. With each blink it provides the cornea also with nutrients and oxygen. Located changes the composition of the tear fluid, not able to do that – the syndrome of “dry eye” occurs. Possible shutter release button of this are about: Strong ultraviolet radiation, which protected the eyes meets Tobacco smoke, draft or unfavorably oriented car-blower Long wearing contact lenses Lack hydration Low humidity in the interiors, whether by heating or air conditioning...

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The day of healthy eating

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Nutrition | 0 comments

Since 1998 he has held every year, since 2007, always on March 7: The day of healthy eating. Was launched this nationwide day of action taking place, which is a different theme each time by the Association of Nutrition and Dietetics. Everyday hustle and bustle are often responsible for ensuring that the issue of nutrition we attach no great importance; often we take our meals in between, maybe even standing in. While most of us know the importance of what we eat, to the physical and mental health, but many lack, supposedly,  the time for delicious food. The aim of the initiative is therefore to raise public awareness of the subject of nutrition and to give interested parties through nationwide actions taking place valuable tips. Dietitians, physicians and pharmacists provide information about exhibitions, lectures and sampling campaigns, including participating...

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