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Wanderlust instead of frustration for traveling seniors

Posted by on Oct 17, 2016 in Wellness | 0 comments

Far away from the stress of work and family life have finally seniors the opportunity to dream of relaxing holidays in countries near and far to achieve. In order not to be a spoil of poor health, passport, should be considered as “best agers”. Varied independently of chronic diseases or the natural aging process slows down many functions of our body, which may attract negative attention especially when traveling in other climates. The immune system becomes weaker, the digestive system more vulnerable, sensitive skin, and the cycle takes significantly more time to get into gear. A trip to another country will therefore be planned very well for seniors, for not to overwhelm your own body. In addition to comprehensive information about the selected destination a timely visit to the doctor is essential. This is also the place should be...

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Health tips for the office

Posted by on Oct 15, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

Modern man is an office worker and spends much of his life in a sitting position. All because of permanent seats for our bodies but, of course, health problems are inevitable. Who makes sure to keep checking to move again, and his work ergonomically set up, has a good chance of not getting sick. Tension in shoulders, neck and back pain , headache, and concentration difficulties are typical inconveniences of office life. They are due to an unhealthy posture, lack of exercise, poor air and often outdated or incorrectly adjusted work equipment. The consequences of this permanent unnatural intercourse with one’s own body are often chronic back pain. Even small changes in daily habits can be countered in time and his most valuable asset, health condition. So desk workers stay healthy. Top 5 tips for the office. The most...

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Why babies cry and how they can be calm

Posted by on Oct 13, 2016 in Family Planning | 0 comments

Crying is a long time the only way for babies to become apparent. This simple causes such as hunger, a full diaper or the desire to be close to someone from the family. But sometimes babies cry for hours without apparent cause and coerce parents to come to the edge of their forces. Basically, it is perfectly normal that babies cry. When a baby cries in week at least three hours in a day, and that over a period of more than three weeks, doctors call it Cry Baby. But mere knowledge that one’s baby is a Cry Baby, helping the affected parents no further. To make possible causes for the increased screaming be found is much more important. Because in addition to the everyday triggering hunger, boredom, or a full diaper, other causes behind the constant crying can...

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Harmless prevent circulation problems with suitable measures

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

Harmless circulatory problems may present as sudden dizziness, fatigue, headache or nausea. The reason for this is usually a sudden drop in blood pressure or too low blood pressure. Sometimes behind the circulation problems hidden also serious diseases which should be investigated medically. Who suffers after sumptuous lunch with unexplained fatigue or dizziness when standing up quickly, should have it checked circulation. Here, the circuit forms a vital for the human body system that supplies in the organs and cells oxygen and other nutrients which transported metabolites. If there is interference in this system, circulatory problems may be as result. In addition to serious diseases of the cardiovascular system is also harmless causes can be as low blood pressure, hidden behind the complaints. Moreover, the circuit daily fluctuations, which may be exacerbated by stress, heat, physical exercise and poor...

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TBE – What ticks have to do with

Posted by on Oct 9, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

Ticks are not only disgusting, but can also be responsible for a number of diseases. In addition to the disease includes the dreaded tick-borne encephalitis, encephalitis shortly. But cause of this disease is not the tick itself, but a virus. As unpleasant nuisance lurks the tick in tall grass and the bushes on potential victims, because they feed on their blood. In humans, it prefers areas such as the armpits or the genital area, since the skin is thinner and has a secure grip. If the tick is a suitable location is found, it starts right after the bite with the blood eyes. In order to inhibit blood coagulation and at the same time to ease pain at the bite site, but from a number of secretions. And it is in these secretions are the causative agents of encephalitis,...

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