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Cold Sores – an unpleasant companion in times of immunocompromised

Posted by on Mar 16, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

Cold Sores occur mainly for colds frequently. Between 85 and 90 percent of the total population are infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1 HSV. But it is not at all concerned the disease breaks out in the form of cold sores and pus, crusty deposits. Cold sore gets unpleasantly noticeable especially in the main cold season. Polluters are herpes simplex viruses. Even in adulthood smear infections and skin contact may lead to transmission. But usually an infection already occurs in young children when their immune system even more literally “in its infancy” infected. Similar to the viral cause of chickenpox and shingles and herpes viruses migrate after primary infection along the nerves in the nerve ganglia, called ganglia. The viral DNA is hidden here in the nuclei, where it remains for life and unassailable. In mucosa and...

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Black Tea: A Stimulating enjoyment on cold days

Posted by on Mar 12, 2016 in Nutrition | 0 comments

Whether for breakfast, after dinner or to the famous five clock tea: Black tea is one of the most popular drinks of the Americans. In some countries of the world it is even used as a cure – so what are the curative and prophylactic properties of black tea? Do you know the history of black tea? According to legend, the wind was blowing nearly 5,000 years ago, a few tea leaves in the Chinese emperor cup of hot water. He tasted, was enthusiastic and the rediscovery triumphantly around the world. In the preparation you leaving today certainly nothing to chance: After the harvest, the leaves are carefully dried and then rolled up – in this way, the cell walls are broken. The essential oils and the associated characteristic aroma to develop optimally During the subsequent fermentation. Among the...

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The best protection for the skin in cold weather

Posted by on Mar 9, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

The skin needs not only to support heat. Even cold can harm her. The skin dries out and becomes cracked. At worst, even threatening infections. Cold protection for the skin should be elementary and see the cold season in the outdoors into account. Cold air is stress for the skin. The facial skin is particularly vulnerable, but also on the hands is the contact with freezing outside not unscathed. Particularly strong is the load when the constant change between the cold outside air, icy winds and overheated rooms added. Reason is the loss of moisture, which can first appear the skin dry and finally parchments. Finally, it can be painful tear. Poorly healing wounds are the result. One reason is that the strong variations in skin temperature also remove moisture. This makes them more vulnerable and slows their ability...

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Heat treat muscle pain effectively

Posted by on Mar 5, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

For centuries, the positive effect of heat for the treatment of spasms and pain caused thereby is known. This heat can ease the pain in proper indications and proper use in three ways. The various forms of heat therapy are tested for many years. They have proven themselves both for the treatment of non-inflammatory diseases as well as to alleviate painful tension and cramps to colicky cramps, chronic joint and spinal problems as well as problems in the area of ligaments and tendons. But chronic inflammation such as sinus infections are among the fields of application of heat therapy. In acute inflammation and febrile processes other hand, prohibits the use of heat. For here, for example, result in appendicitis life-threatening complications heat. To avoid side effects or complications, type, duration and temperature of the application should therefore be discussed...

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The Sauna – refueling stop for body and soul

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Wellness | 0 comments

During the cold season prevails in saunas high operating outdoors is really uncomfortable, warms and relaxes a sweat in particular. Sauna makes sense, since it offers numerous health benefits. During the sauna session, the body temperature rises by about one to two degrees, compared with a slight fever. The body’s own immune cells are thus activated, there is increased production of natural killer cells in the bone marrow. In addition, increases the production of interferons, which means messenger molecules, which play a major role in the defense against infections. The circulation is stimulated during the sauna session by the strong heating and subsequent cooling, which in particular people who suffer from hypotension (also low blood pressure) benefits. The skin also benefits from sweating, since the increased blood flow and the pore cleansing strengthen the protective acid mantle. Not to...

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